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Japanese food is not all raw fish. It encompasses, at one end of the scale, the tautest of hautes cuisines, kaiseki, and at the other the delicious little dishes conjured up in tiny smoky stalls under the railway arches or along the roadside. In between come a great variety of different sorts of food.


Fermented rice wine made from koji and rice (between 15% and 18% alcohol). Sake is usually served warm in small cups and served at room temperature or chilled.


When most people hear the word, “Sushi”, they immediately think of raw fish. In truth, dishes made with raw fish are called “Sashimi”. What defines Sushi is any dish made with vinegar rice, which may or may not include raw fish.


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With a simple ‘Bistro’ concept— casual restaurant serve fresh food fast. Something that was virtually unheard of at the time. Fast forward to the present ... and we’re redefining the fast-casual dining industry once again.

Our concept is broadly appealing and truly offers something for everyone. Within our restaurants, our food is prepared fresh, made to order and served on real china with real silverware. We are high-touch to our guests. They aren't allowed to tip or clear their plates. Our guests order from the front, choose from a unique and diverse menu, and we give them an environment in which to sit back, relax and enjoy. You can also request for your tab to be open so that you can order more and pay at the same time. If you have any questions, our staff is more than willing to help.

Sushi Table offers the tradition of Japanese Sushi bar and Noodles. Our other dishes are inspired by the individuality, creativity and cultural heritage of cuisines from around the globe brand with southeast Asian , Japanese, European and American culinary. Openness to foreign ingredients and techniques produces east meet west on the plate and in the mouth them into wonderful eating.

If Sushi is your thing, our Sushi bar is at your service offering the finest and fresh seafood. For the adventurous diner who wishes for more variety of their meal come taste our fusion meal or order your favorite Japanese dishes.



寿司テーブル   La Table de Sushi

Sushi Table Asian Bistro